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An Afghan By Christmas? No Problem

Tis the season of gifts. And I have some work to do if I want to get finished by Christmas.

I have some custom orders, as I mentioned in the last post, from the craft fairs I had attended. One of those was for an afghan. She wants it for her fiance… for Christmas. WHAT!?! An afghan in 3 weeks? Are you kidding me?? But of course I didn’t say that. I smiled sweetly and said I will try to have it done by then, but an afghan is a big project so I might be just a little late if that’s alright. She said it was. I am now a little over half done (the pic only shows 5 strips) I just might make it by Christmas yet!

All I can say is thank you Lord for worsted wt. yarn and large hooks haha!! I am making a mile-a-minute afghan in a VERY simple, yet a VERY classy look pattern. (At least I think it looks classy)

2013-12-07 08.06.35

She wanted to stick with more of a neutral, earth tones look for the color. So I am using Red Heart Super Saver in “Aran Fleck” for the center strip and also to connect the strips, and I Love This Yarn in “Brown” for the strip border. I wanted to keep it simple for speed as well and I am using a size K/10.5 (6.5 mm) hook.


With center color and size K (6.5 mm) hook Chain 11

Row 1: Double crochet in 4th chain from hook, skip next 2 chains work shell (3 double crochet – chain 2 – 3 double crochet) in next chain, skip next 2 chains, double crochet in next 2 chains. (the row should have 2 double crochet, shell, 2 double crochet)

Row 2 – 75: Chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), turn, double crochet in next stitch, skip the 3 double crochets of the shell and work the shell in the chain 2 space, skip the next 3 double crochets of the shell and double crochet in the next two stitches.

Row 76: Chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), turn, double crochet in next stitch,chain 2, single crochet in chain 2 space of shell, chain 2, double crochet in last 2 stitches. fasten off yarn

NOTE: If you want to make it longer for tall people just keep working the pattern until you have the right length. Just make sure you end with “row 76”.

Strip Border: With 2nd color attach yarn in corner stitch. Chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), work 2 more double crochet in corner, at top/bottom of strip work double crochet in next stitch, 2 double crochet in chain 2 space, double crochet in single crochet, 2 double crochet in next chain 2 space, double crochet in next stitch, 3 double crochet in corner. On sides if strip work 3 double crochet around the post of each double crochet/chain. When you get all the way around, join with slip stitch to the top of the first chain 3. fasten off yarn.

Connect the strips: Hold “wrong ” sides together and working in back loops only of each strip with the same color as the center of the strip, single crochet them together. fasten off yarn

Weave in the ends and your done. Make as many strips as you want, the more strips the bigger the blankie 🙂  I am planning on doing 12 or 13 strips, but will judge that when I get there.

Short and sweet and very simple, just the way I like it when I’m on a deadline 🙂

❤  Tracee


Let The Holli-Daze Begin!

I can’t believe how fast November just flew by! I am glad to say that I survived the craft fairs and had plenty of inventory. While the actual sales was a little less than I was hoping for, I met a lot of cool people, got my name and information for my Etsy shop out there and picked up a few custom orders.

Here’s a picture of my booth at one of the events held last week.

My booth

My booth

Now I just have to go through all of my items and start listing them on my Etsy shop. I am hoping I can start doing that tonight or tomorrow morning.

I am now working on the custom orders I got this last weekend and today is the perfect day for that. So far we have about 4 inches of snow and it’s still falling. Tonight the winds are supposed to pick up and we are in a winter storm warning. That sounds like “hooking weather” to me 🙂 I also need to get started planning for Christmas. I need to finish decorating and pick a date that will work for the majority of the family to be here. It seems that with all the activities I can’t get everyone here at the same time, but I try. I also need to start my Christmas shopping in between my Christmas gift making.

So now it’s time to start the holiday hustle and Christmas crazies. I hope I can keep reminding myself of the true meaning of the holiday and remember that stressing out about it, not only doesn’t help the situation, but misses the point of this celebration altogether.

❤ Tracee

Vendors and Markets and Fairs… Oh My!

Well here it is November already and time is going by at sonic speed. We are now in the crazy Holiday Craft Fair season. I have four events coming up that I am getting ready for. This is my big debut month for Fromm Me To You as my new career and I am hoping it goes well. I won’t be blogging too much this month as I will be spending a lot of my time preparing for these events, but I hope to get a few pictures up as I get some things finished.

Here are just a few of the items I have been working on. I have a few more, but need to take pictures of them yet.

Brimmed Hat - side

Brimmed Hat – side

Brimmed Hat - back

Brimmed Hat – back

Christmas diaper sets

Christmas diaper sets

I also finished the custom baby blanket from my post Baby Blanket… BINGO! Here’s the finished project 🙂

2013-10-29 08.38.06



Happy crafting everyone!!

❤ Tracee


Keep On Hookin’

I actually had a fairly quiet weekend (a rare thing at my house) and got a couple of projects done.

First thing I did was a pair of slippers for a craft group I belong to on Facebook. Each month we get a partner and “swap” a handmade item with them. It’s lots of fun because everyone has different talents and crafts that we do. These are the slippers I made for my September swap partner. She said she likes pinks, purples and black and also butterflies and lady bugs. I hope she likes what I came up with :).

Butterfly Slippers

Butterfly Slippers

Then I made some ruffle scarves. I haven’t made them before now because I thought everyone was doing it. But a couple of people have asked if I knew how so I gave it a try. They are kind of cute. I might have to make some more for this weekend.


Ruffle Scarf

Ruffle Scarf

This weekend I have 2 different vendor events to prepare for. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. As usual I am freaking myself out trying to get everything ready even though I know all will be fine. Still have a few items to price and label and need to find a couple of my display props yet, but I have a few days to get those things ready. I might even have time to get just a couple of more items made (like those ruffle scarves) before then. I just need to keep on hookin’


❤ Tracee


Hats and Fairs

Slochy Hat - Knit (3)


Well I made it through my first double pointed knitting needles project. I have to say it sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. Once I got into it I was having fun, I like the way the hat turned out, so I will have to make a few more for the upcoming vendor shows I will be attending. This hat is a custom order for my youngest son’s girlfriend. I hope she loves it (and shares with her friends where they can get one – haha)




Slochy Hat - Knit (2)


The vendor fair went well last Friday and I met some great people. I also have a few leads on some possible custom orders… FUN! I have two more coming up in September and am looking forward to those as well. Time to speed up and get some holiday projects done for the upcoming shows. I also have some patterns in the works that I have been meaning to get done and posted. I seem to keep running out of hours in the day. Looks like it’s time to put the coffee on (the STRONG coffee that is)

❤ Tracee

Getting Ready

Well the cloth is finished. My first tunisian crochet project. While I have some improving to do on adjusting my tension, I think I have found a new friend. Lots of fun and more stitches to learn.

Spa Cloth (3)


Now it’s time to get ready for vendor fair season. I have a booth at our local Corn Days festival tomorrow and am in the process of labeling, pricing, finding my display, packing everything and trying not to forget important items like my calculator and receipt slips. I am getting a little anxious because I feel like I’m no where near ready for this UGH! But I go through this every time haha. I get all excited and freak myself out trying to get everything perfect and convincing myself that I’m not ready, then the event comes and everything is just fine 🙂 So time to take a deep breath…  aaahhhhhh.  That’s better 🙂 Now back to work.

❤ Tracee

School Is In Session

I’m always open to learning new stitches and techniques and new crafts altogether. This last week I have been trying to learn Tunisian Crochet. Not a big leap from crochet or from knitting either, but still a craft unto it’s own. I’m working on a simple washcloth right now which is one of the projects for the class I’m taking through Craftsy. I will let you know how it’s going a future post,

Tunisian Spa Cloth (1)

I have mentioned before that I also knit, but I admit that I am much more proficient at crochet. I have a custom order for a knit slouchy hat and it is worked on double pointed needles, which I have not tried up to this point. Looks like the next week or two I will be studying up on the finer points of DPNs  🙂 I will keep you posted to how that’s going as well. If any knitters out there have some helpful advice… I’m open to some helpful hints and tips!

❤ Tracee

Beach Ball Baby Hat

I did it! I got the pattern for my Baby Beach Ball Hat done and available for purchase.

Beach Ball Hat pattern

Beach Ball Hat pattern

I was looking for a cute and lightweight hat for little ones in the summer, but didn’t find too much out there. All of the absolutely adorable baby hats (and there are a LOT of them) are for photo props or winter time. This hat is light and airy and at the same time, protects baby’s head from the sun when you are at the pool, the beach, or the park.

I hope you like this hat as much as I do. I have the pattern listed in my Etsy shop and you can find it here Baby Beach Ball Hat . I have also listed a few finished hats for those of you who don’t crochet. I am always willing to take custom orders as well in case you see something you like, but it’s not the right color or size etc.

Happy Crocheting!!!

❤ Tracee

Why Christmas in July?

SummerSantaI know that crafters MUST have coined the phrase Christmas in July. We all know that if you plan to make gifts or if you are on the craft fair circuit, you need to start early enough to get everything done for the holiday season. So how early is too early? I don’t think there is such a thing. In the summer we should concentrate on doing fall and winter items and in the winter we should start with our summer projects. At least that makes the most sense. So why do I seem to have a problem getting into the “Holiday Spirit” with things at this time of the year? I want to work on fun summer things when it’s summer outside and warm and snuggley things in the winter months, is their something wrong with that? Well yes there can be a problem with that way of thinking, I actually have the nerve to wonder why I don’t have enough time to get all my holiday gifts done.

Christmas in July is a good rule to adopt when you are talking about hand crafted items and patterns as well. If you are designing for the seasons, you will want to make sure the people who use your patterns have enough time to finish their projects before the occasion your pattern is intended for as well. With that being said, I of course (in my fashion) am working on a pattern for an adorable baby beach ball summer hat. Should have it ready to go in the next week or two… just in time for those who want to start their winter projects. (As I roll my eyes at myself)

❤ Tracee

Cotton Caps to Battle Cancer


As I mentioned in my last post, I make cotton hats for my Etsy shop and $3 from the sale of each one goes to the American Cancer Society. I am always looking for fun new patterns to keep a variety in stock and actually my stash is getting low so I definately need to make more. These are two caps I just made this week and will be listing them in my shop today or tomorrow.

The green one is made with I Love This Cotton in Sage and the blue one is made with Bernat’s Cottontots in Seakiss. The colors look awesome with this particular pattern. The pattern itself is the best part! It’s a FREE pattern I found on Red Heart’s website. It can be found here.   Vintage Cloche

Cotton caps are great for anyone to wear and cute too, but if you know someone battling cancer they make an awesome gift for sensitive skin. And nothing says it came from the heart like hand made.

❤ Tracee


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