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Humbled Yet Again


Well it has come to my attention that I now have 50+ followers. I thank and appreciate each of you! It makes me think I had better get off my tush and pay better attention to this blog. When I started I had an idea of what I wanted this blog to be and haven’t quite reached my goal, but I am working on it 🙂


Then I notice that I have been nominated by Night Owl Kitchen for the Liebster Award! WOW!! I am honored. I am always surprised that people find my little blog and actually want to read it. There are so many good reads out there in blogging-land and I am definitely a very small fish in a pretty huge ocean. But once again, it gives me that extra incentive to improve my blogging skills and hopefully be an inspiration to my readers and followers.

The rules:

1. Link to the person who nominated you

2. Answer their questions

3. Nominate new blogs for the award

4. Ask them 10 new questions

5. Let the nominees know they have been nominated

My questions to answer:

1. What is the inspiration behind your blog?  I love to crochet and knit and I wanted to share the love with others.

2. What makes your blog standout from the rest? I hope that people can see how much I love crafting and that I can help inspire them as well.

3.  What’s your favorite dessert(don’t hold back now)? Pretty much anything with chocolate in it 🙂

4. Name three things that interests you other than what you post about on your blog. My grandkids, baking and shopping (haha)

5. What can you absolutely not live without? My crochet hooks of course!

6. Where would you love to travel to and stay for a month? I think It would be fun to visit England.

7. If money were no object, what kind of good would you do for others? I would give it to cancer research

8. What charity do you support financially or in spirit? American Cancer Society and the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention programs

9. If you could have a sit down dinner with anyone in history(living or dead) who would it be and why? I have 3. My son, my mom and my brother. They all live in Heaven now and I would give anything to sit down over a home cooked meal and just visit with them again

10. Any advice for new bloggers? Just remember why you started in the first place. If you have a passion and that’s why you’re sharing about it, keep doing just that. It’s too easy to forget and get wrapped up in trying to “out-do” yourself or trying to “please the crowd” the reason you have followers in the first place is because of what you love. You can always improve your skills, but don’t confuse skills with the passion.

My Nominations

1. Made With Love By Glama 2. Lucindalines 3. Happy Little Kiwi 4. Peacefully Knitting 5. Loz’s Little Crochets 6. Nice Piece Of Work 7. Craftmanic Mommy 8. About Crochet 9. Andie Duncan 10. Mad Man Knitting

My questions for the nominees:

1. Why do you blog?

2. How many blogs do you follow?

3.What’s your favorite meal?

4.What is your favorite music and/or entertainer?

5.What can you absolutely not live without?

6.Where would you love to travel to and stay for a month?

7.If money were no object, what dream would you fulfill?

8.What is your most prized posession?

9.What is your favorite holiday?

10.Any advice for new bloggers?


I’ll be back soon with some new projects to fill you in about.

❤ Tracee


Versatile Blogger and Word Press Family Awards



WOW!! I am so blessed and humbled. I thank from the bottom of my heart both A Little Of This And A Little Of That… AND… The Grange Range for nominating me for these awards! They both have awesome blogs and I urge everyone reading this to please check them out.

I am new to the blogging scene and just started this summer as a way to promote my business, but I also wanted to share the things I’m learning and connect with others who love to create as much as I do. What I didn’t know was I would come to love reading other blogs and some of them are like friends I get to talk to on a daily basis. I really enjoy reading up on what my new friends are doing 🙂

There are a few rules for these awards. You have to appreciate the meaning behind the rules. Basically they want us to go out there and share other blogs. It’s marketing pure and simple. But it’s a way to get your blog out there and help to promote fellow bloggers by way of introduction.

The rules are as follows:
Display the Award Certificates on your blog.
Announce your win with a post. Make sure you post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers.
Leave them a comment to let them know after you have linked them to a post.
Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

So here are my nominations. Please stop in and pay them a visit and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1. All Night Knits

2. Forest So Green

3. Cozy and Crafty

4. Buzy Day

5. Nice Piece of Work


7. Craftmanic Mommy

8. Patterns Tried And True

9. Crochet Cricket

10. lucindalines

11. UK Crochet Patterns

12. The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

13. Made With Love By Glama

14. Winchester Crafts

15. From Scratch Home

Oh boy, now 7 interesting things about me? Hmmmmmm……..

1. My hubby and I will celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary this coming December.

2. I have 5 grandbabies. 3 girls and 2 boys (at least so far)

3. I hate housework so much I finally hired a lady to come in for a couple of hours each week to clean the bathroom, dust and vacuum for me. Best investment I ever made 🙂

4. I taught myself to crochet and knit because NOBODY I knew had a clue how to do it or could teach me.

5. I have had a pretty wide variety of jobs over the years… including bartender, hairdresser, and church secretary (just to name a few)

6. I am a complete chocoholic. Can’t get enough of the stuff and have the waist line to prove it.

7. Last I’ll share my favorite coffee mug quote with you… (this is SOOOO my life).  “God answers ALL prayers… Sometimes He says yes… Sometimes He says no…  And sometimes He says, You gotta be kidding!”

❤ Tracee


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